NEW!! Super Scanner 3 XC Ham Base Antenna VHF/UHF NEW!!, Kansas City
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NEW!! Super Scanner 3 XC Ham Base Antenna VHF/UHF NEW!! Private

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Location: Kansas City
Price: $37

SUPER SCANNER three XC BASE ANTENNA Up for sale is a totally new Ham/ Scanner base antennathat covers reception from 28 mhz. thru 1200MHZ from well known Antennadesigner Lowbander. It works with all modes: Analogor Digital transmissions. Great for Listening to Trunking Systems! Ittransmits on the ham bands of two Meters,70CM and 900 mhz. The Super Scanner three XC has four separate elementsinside the plastic tube so users will get max single band resonantfrequency performance with the highest signal strength. This is a feature manyantennas on Ebay do not have! BEWARE OF SCANNER ANTENNAS THAT ARE UNDER 19" IN LENGTH!USUALLY THEY WILL BE NOTHING MORE THAN RUBBER DUCKIES JUST STUCK INSIDE A PVCTUBE! It comes with a standard 50 ohm female SO-239 coax socket. The buyer will attach his own coax.It is recommended at least RG-8X , 50 Ohm coax, as the min quality lead-incable. RG8 low loss coax is the best choice. Cheap RG6 or RG59 cable is notrecommended because it is 75 Ohms and there would be definite loss in signal!!RG-58 is NOT recommended! If you don't have your own coax cable, then check out oneof my Scanner antennas that comes with the coax already attached in my Ebay Store. The Super Scanner 3-XC is guaranteed to hear betterthan the telescoping rod antenna that comes with most base scanners! It has a single element for reception on the 28mhz-220Mhz range(This includes CB channels, the Aircraft frequencies, two Meter Ham,Fire and Law enforcement frequencies), another element for the 400-500MHZ range(This includes Ham, Fire, Police, local government frequencies), a3rd element for the 700-900 MHZ band, (This is the new popular LawEnforcement & Fire frequencies, Cell phone bandsand ham bands) and a 4thelement for the 1200 MHZ. band(Mostly Ham and some Law Enforcementfrequencies). Each element is carefully tuned for max signalreception so the antenna performs like four separate mono band antennas. Aground plane element for each band is enclosed in the PVC tube andcompletes the antenna. Many scanner antennas sold on Ebay nevermention the groundplane, because their antenna does NOT have a built ingroundplane, which seriously affects the performance. The Super ScannerTwo XC has four separate groundplanes, 1 for each of the four separate antennas!! FYI: Scanner users should understand that the VHF/UHFradio signals transmitted by police, fire, govt., public service agencies, andham repeaters are mostly line of sight signals. Scanner listeners andhams in mountainous areas may have serious problems with this factor. This means if your home is in a valley or location that is in a low spot,geographic terrain (hills and mountains) will block your reception of signals.This is true for ALL ANTENNAS, unless you install an antenna high enough to seeover the low areas, your reception will be limited by these natural features.Sometimes even buildings, water towers, steel power poles or houses can blocksignals in urban areas. Height above ground is the most important feature of agood scanner antenna installation. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! CHECK OUT WHERE THETRANSMITTING REPEATER TOWERS ARE IN YOUR AREA AND INSTALL YOUR ANTENNA IN APLACE THAT HAS A CLEAR SHOT OR LINE OF SIGHT AT THE TOWER!! Beware ofEbay Sellers who don't mention this and just brag about their antennas. Honesty in selling is important and Lowbander has always followed thispractice! Enclosed in a sealed PVC tube, the antenna is a waterproofunit for outdoor use in any weather conditions. It is approx 36"in length. * THE COAX CONNECTOR IS SOLDERED!! NO CHEAPCRIMP or TWIST ON CONNECTORS HERE, LIKE MOST OF THE OTHER SELLERS ONEBAY. THIS DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LONG-TERM USE OF THE ANTENNA!! Just like all VHF-UHF antennas, the Super Scanner three XC Antenna works best at the highest height you can install it. This modelof Super Scanner three XC is designed for mast/ towerinstallation. It has the same antennas inside as the Super Scanner 1 and Super Scanner 3 50 Antennawhich is also sold on Ebay. See the photos above on how theantenna is attached to the mast/tower. Stainless steel hose clamps are used tosecure the antenna to the mast/tower. These clamps are NOT included with theantenna because everybody's installation is unique to their location.These cheap hose clamps can be purchased from Lowes/ Home Depot or just aboutany hardware store. Automotive stores also sell these as radiator hoseclamps. The Super Scanner three XC is an easy installation. If you canturn a screw driver you can install this antenna! See the photos belowon how the antenna is attached to the mast/towerSPECIAL LINKS ARE INCLUDED INTHE INSTRUCTIONS TO SCANNER DATA BASE FREQUENCIES LISTS!!! Instructions for installation will be INCLUDED IN THE BOX. The Super Scanner three XC Antenna is shipped viaPriority Mail in a special tube. Orders go out the next business day! Check the Feedback! Buyers rave about the performance of my Ham/Scannerantennas!!! Lowbander has been making and selling antennas on Ebay since1999, and is a trusted name on Ebay. He has been making Ham antennas for over50yrs! With a FCC Amateur Extra Class license, Lowbander built his 1stantenna in 1961! Quality you can trust! Buyers should avoid hanging the antenna anywhere near powerlines or utility poles. Installing this antenna near power lines could behazardous or fatal. Lowbander is NOT responsible for anyone not followingthese directions!